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Solution Performance Partner Programme

Our Solution Performance Service provides a full technology management capability, operating 24x7x365 and blending remote support engineers with our UK based Solution Performance Centre. By equipping our teams with the right insight, tooling, training and techniques, we deliver first-class Site Reliability Engineering and Enterprise Support functions across a variety of sectors and industries, from Financial Services to Retail and Public Sector.

Some of the core services we provide and support include:

  • Data centre and cloud infrastructure planning, optimisation, and migration
  • Voice and data network design, support and implementation services including multi-channel contact and digital-first customer service solutions
  • Enterprise application development, deployment, support and maintenance
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Virtualisation, cloud, container architectures and SD-WAN are introducing new challenges across the enterprise. In the past, legacy hub and spoke solutions traditionally connected remote sites to one or more private data centers via an MPLS network which were easy to manage, monitor and support. Today, hybrid and full-cloud architectures leveraging both private and public cloud technologies such as Azure, AWS, GCP and others, together with the implementation of SaaS services are bringing more complexity, new performance challenges and risks.

SPG offers a truly innovative solution that provides unified performance monitoring visibility up and down the entire application chain and across the network, with best-in-class insight underpinned by a fully operational support function. Our purpose-built observability solution – CloudOps – analyses network and application transactions in real time to provide exceptional scalability by using latest generation stream-processing analytics, transcending the cost/performance dependency of legacy systems.

To support your mission critical platforms and services, we provide 360° network and application performance monitoring (NPM and APM), enabling complete visibility across all types of infrastructure: physical, virtualised, software-defined and cloud. With a full-featured set of performance monitoring tools, we track, analyse, monitor and report all network flows and application transactions, including north-south traffic and east-west traffic to/from/inside and between data centres, virtual machines and cloud services. In addition, our service will also identify 100% of the applications accessed by 100% of users, including websites on the public internet, Citrix applications, SIP/VoIP and SaaS applications, among others.

By performing analysis of transactions in real time, detailed metrics are produced including traffic volumes, device and application performance statistics, web application issues, communication and transaction errors, and other key network and application performance indicators. SPG quickly identifies overworked network devices, application performance/latency issues and web application performance data. These metrics are centralised and stored in a time-series data store to provide a rich and actionable history of overall network and application activity as well as the performance of individual network devices, application components and cloud hosted services including those offered by SaaS providers.


Implementing the right level of security and control – without constraining the business – is an essential balance to strike. Our tailored security solutions and services ensure that your hybrid or cloud-first deployments are appropriately secured, at the network, compute, container or application level as required. From penetration testing to threat negation, we build security into the heart of everything we do.

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