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Maybe your organisation is embarking on a full-scale transformation programme, or maybe you need a different perspective as your plan to use technology as an enabler to greater business performance. At Solution Performance Group, our highly experienced team brings multi-discipline, cross-sector expertise to bear on projects of any size and scale.

By imparting what we’ve learned over the years with clients, partners and vendors, you’ll be in a great position to avoid the mistakes of the past, leading to a future that delivers certainty through accomplishment.

Avoiding the monolithic, immovable and unpredictable.

The use of public cloud and “cloud-first” strategies are no longer the aspiration of many organisations – they’re essential and market impacting in today’s highly competitive world.

To give you a flavour of our Advisory and Strategy services, our pre-packaged Cloud Readiness and Maturity Assessment is a time-boxed, fast-turnaround evaluation of your existing technology estate and organisational processes, supplemented by our best practice recommendations of when and how you can best leverage cloud services for maximum impact. Conversely, we’ll help you determine where cloud isn’t always the default option (it doesn’t have to be).

Rather than perform weeks of detailed discovery up-front, we’ll work with you to highlight immediate quick win opportunities and will begin parallelising work streams so that you can begin to reap the benefits at the earliest opportunity.

SPG can help define the end to end strategy for your enterprise cloud project or migration and will also perform the move for you if required, working with and up-skilling your internal teams so that they’re well versed and ready to take on the day to day migration and support of the estate.

As well as exploring cloud adoption, we’ll also advise on containerisation technology. Testing applications used to be a laborious process – from building like for like environments to ensuring consistency across developer platforms and run-time environments, there were many things that could – and often did – go wrong. However, by harnessing the power of containerisation, you can easily test, rapidly deploy and quickly scale applications across your enterprise. We’ll work with you to determine where and when best to employ the key container solutions on the market.

By employing a “blueprint” approach to provisioning, SPG brings standardisation and repeatability to the estate to deliver automation and cost control. Unit, performance, scalability, and integration testing is expensive and outsourcing is often difficult given environment complexity. Automated blueprint-driven deployment relieves developers and operations staff from the time-consuming tasks related to configuring and deploying development and test environments.

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